Aston Villa vs Leicester City highlights (1-4)

Aston Villa 1 vs 4 Leicester City highlights 8.12

Brendan Rodgers says his Leicester team were "absolutely amazing" in their 4-1 win at Aston Villa to make it a club-record eight Premier League wins in a row.
odgers, whose side are six points clear of last season's champions Manchester City, is happy for Leicester to keep going about their business under the radar.

"I don't think anybody expects us to be anywhere near the top," said Rodgers.

"After Manchester United won at Manchester City, a caption came up after the game about how far Manchester City are away from Liverpool.

"We respect that and we just get on with our job, get on with trying to play and improve our performance levels."

Leicester face both Liverpool and Manchester City over the Christmas period.

"It's just natural - Manchester City and Liverpool are both incredible teams in the league and have shown last year how good they were," added Rodgers.

"For us, we know that we are constantly trying to improve and look to close the gap. But I thought today we looked like a top team."

Aston Villa vs Leicester City . Score: 1-4.

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