Aston Villa vs Liverpool highlights (1-2)

Aston Villa 1 vs 2 Liverpool highlights 31.3

Aston Villa Vs Liverpool Highlights: Liverpool fought from behind and defeated Aston Villa in a game that saw the visitors losing 1-0 in the 1rst half but it got turned around and the side of Brendan Rodgers managed to make a comeback grabbing 3 crucial points in their Premier League journey.

The scoreboard displayed 1-3 at the end of it all, which leaves Aston Villa fighting for their lives in the bottom spots of the Premier League meanwhile Liverpool are sitting in 7th place with 48 points.

Luis Suarez was given a great chance on opening up the scoreboard following a pass from Glen Johnson but the Uruguayan striker was denied by Villa’s Brad Guzan.

Much of a surprise it was the home team that got ahead through Benteke. The 22 years old forward slotted a volley shot which past Pepe Reina as it ended up in the corner of his net at the 31st minute.

Stewart Downing, Philippe Coutinho and Luis Suarez all came close on scoring the equalizer but a superb performance from Brad Guzan denied all of them the chance on seeing their name on the score-sheet.

Guzan was on hand to block every single shot that was launched at him but there was little he could do in the 47th minute when Henderson got hold of a through pass from Coutinho and lifted the ball over Guzan and into his net.

Liverpool completed their comeback some minutes later with their talismanic figure Steven Gerrard who took full advantage of a penalty set-piece that was given to them at the 60th minute as the veteran midfielder just blasted it home securing the victory for his team.

Aston Villa vs Liverpool . Score: 1-2.

Aston Villa v Liverpool goals:

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