Aston Villa vs Fulham highlights (1-2)

Aston Villa 1 vs 2 Fulham highlights 6.4

Fulham keeping their survival mission alive and well as this weekend they snatched an important away victory over Aston Villa.

Both teams were eager to pick up maximum points, but can't seem to find any break through during the first 45 minutes.

After a goalless first period, Fulham finally got themselves in front through an effort from Kieran Richardon on 61 minutes.

The home side were not keen on giving up through as they got back on level terms with a goal from Grant Holt on 70 minutes.

Fulham eventually got the final say on that encounter as Hugo Rodalega snatched that winning strike on 86 minutes.

Aston Villa vs Fulham . Score: 1-2.

Aston Villa v Fulham goals:

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