Aston Villa vs Chelsea highlights (1-2)

Aston Villa 1 vs 2 Chelsea highlights 11.5

Aston Villa Vs Chelsea Highlights:The legendary English midfielder of Chelsea Frank Lampard, pushed his team into a Champions League qualification spot after scoring 2 goals against Aston Villa which was just barely enough for Chelsea to clinch a 3rd spot in the Premier League that ensures their progression for next season in the tournament.

As Chelsea was seeking a Champions League spot, Aston Villa on the other hand tried to snatch 3 points that would help them secure a decent position in the middle section of the standings.

Aston Villa kicked off the game in what was a rather disappointing start of the game as they just allowed Chelsea to play with the ball for as long as they desired. Chelsea dictated the rhythm of the game early in the game.

Mata and Hazard were the main playmakers for the team of Rafael Benitez but surprisingly enough it was Aston Villa the team that got ahead in the scoreboard.

At the 15th minute Benteke got his way past Cahill until taking a left-footed strike which went past Cech. Things turned even worse for the visitors when Ramires received a 2nd yellow card and had to leave the pitch just seconds before the conclusion of the 1rst half.

The game kept on rolling on in the 2nd half with Aston Villa still applying the same tactics of defending and counterattacking but they suffered a huge blow at the 57th minute when Benteke received a red card.

Chelsea wanted a victory out of this game more than anything if they wanted to keep their Champions League hopes alive for next year, so they pushed forward until finally being rewarded with Lampard who found the equalizer.

Villa tried to not concede any further goals but Lampard once again sneaked another goal into the net of Bradley Guzan giving a late victory for Chelsea.

Aston Villa vs Chelsea . Score: 1-2.

Aston Villa v Chelsea goals:

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