Aston Villa vs Tottenham Hotspur highlights (0-2)

Aston Villa 0 vs 2 Tottenham Hotspur highlights 21.3

"If you make mistakes like we did for their goals and don't create or show much quality in the final third, you are going to lose games," Villa boss Smith told BBC Sport.
"They got numbers behind the ball but we got into the box a number of times and either hit the first man or didn't show the quality needed. That's what's probably lacking with us at the moment."

"OK, I am really happy with that, but it is sad we need such a bad defeat to have this kind of reaction," Mourinho told BBC Sport.

"This should not be a reaction, this should be a permanent state of mind, permanent soul in the team. I think that is our next challenge - to have this standard in terms of effort, commitment, sacrifice.
"Independent of results, this has to be always there to dignify our jobs, the people that love us, the club and the fans. I am a bit sad by realising we can have this soul and we haven't in the last couple of matches.
"I opened my heart as a guy with more than 20 years in football and lots of experiences, I just care that they did it and the next challenge as a group is we do it every match."

Aston Villa vs Tottenham Hotspur . Score: 0-2.

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