Arsenal vs Wigan highlights (4-1)

Arsenal 4 vs 1 Wigan highlights 14.5

Arsenal Vs Wigan Highlights:The team of the Spanish tactician Roberto Martinez is now relegated into the 2nd Premier League division only 3 days after having conquered the FA Cup.

Arsenal battled against Wigan and came out with a thrilling 4-1 victory that maintains them in the top 5 teams of the English league.

It only took 11 minutes for Podolski to put ahead Arsenal in the scoreboard. It arrived when the Cazorla passed the ball over to the German forward who headed it past a scrambled defense and placed it into the back of the net.

Wigan kept their hopes alive on getting some points out of this game and their determination was rewarded seconds right before the conclusion of the 1rst half when Maloney scored from a set-piece as the game turned into a tie before coming into their respective dressing rooms.

The visitors went into the pitch to play the remaining 45 minutes filled with energy and persistence hoping to get in the lead for the 1rst time but unfortunately for them, their efforts were denied by Szczesny.

Arsenal came right back to the game by scoring 3 more goals in this 2nd half. Cazorla provided the assistance for the next 2 upcoming goals as he delivered a pass over to Walcott and minutes later to Podolski as they got in the lead once more.

Ramsey sealed it off with the 4th and last goal of the match that Arsenal dealt well and came out as the winning side.

Arsenal vs Wigan . Score: 4-1.

Arsenal v Wigan goals:

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