Arsenal vs Norwich City highlights (4-0)

Arsenal 4 vs 0 Norwich City highlights 1.7

“Yes, I'm very happy with the performance,” Arteta told Arsenal Digital. “For the first 42 or 43 minutes, we did everything we talked about, we were really aggressive in our high press. The areas that we won the ball as well allowed us to make quick attacks, in possession we did so many good things that we could see would work for today's game plan.

“But then I didn't like the way that we competed for the last two or three minutes of the first half and the first 10 or 15 minutes of the second half, when we gave the opponent some gifts. That's something we have to improve quickly if we don't want to give the opponent any chances. Overall, great performance here and great to win three times in a row. The spirit of the team and everything is great, but unfortunately we don't have our fans here to enjoy it with them.”

Arsenal vs Norwich City . Score: 4-0.

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