Arsenal vs Olympiakos highlights (3-1)

Arsenal 3 vs 1 Olympiakos highlights 3.10

Arsenal are 1 step closer to next stages of the Champions League with a comfortable but well deserved triumph over Olympiakos with the final scoreboard displaying 3-1.

They are now in pole position of Group B with 6 points out of the possible 6 as they have not lost a single match so far.

With just 3 minutes on the clock before the break and Santi Cazorla did an amazing job in keeping the ball under his control as he was running down the left flank and later dropped it down to Gervinho who striked the ball with a low shot, netting the 1rst of the day.

The 1rst half still was not over and Olympiakos did not want to fall behind in the score before entering their dressing room and Leandro Greco chipped a cross over to Mitroglou who leveled the playing field.
Arsene Wenger’s team fired back Podolski and Aaron Ramsey sealing Arsenal’s 2nd consecutive Champions League victory as they remain undefeated.

Arsenal vs Olympiakos . Score: 3-1.

Arsenal v Olympiakos goals:

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