Arsenal vs Newcastle United highlights (3-0)

Arsenal 3 vs 0 Newcastle United highlights 18.1

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta speaking to BBC Sport: "Really happy overall. Really positive performance, collective and individually we looked really solid and convincing from the first whistle.

"It took us a little bit longer than I expected to score the first goal but I really like the chemistry, cohesion and rhythm the team played with.

"I asked them to attack better, have more options in certain areas but without losing the structure that is needed to control Newcastle's good players up front. When we did it we were efficient and took our chances."

On his young players, he added: "They are doing really well because they have the senior ones pushing them, coaching them, helping them all the time. I really like the chemistry."

Newcastle manager Steve Bruce speaking to BBC Match of the Day: "We gave as good as we got and got into ourselves some decent opportunities but that little bit of confidence has ebbed away - that happens when you are on a run like we are. The only way it comes back is with a couple of victories.

"We always knew we entering a really difficult run of games. To play Arsenal, Leicester, Liverpool and Manchester City we always knew it was going to be difficult against these top teams.

"You have seen their [the players] approach. We are disappointed because we have been caught trying to get forward. Two passes and they are in on our goal.

"That is something we have to learn from and understand. The reason we have been defending deep was to avoid situations like that. We have to get the balance right and we will keep working on it."

On his own position, he added: "I am trying to do the best I possibly can as always but you will have to ask others about that."

Arsenal vs Newcastle United . Score: 3-0.

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