Arsenal vs Aston Villa highlights (0-3)

Arsenal 0 vs 3 Aston Villa highlights 8.11

Aston Villa manager Dean Smith speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live: "We set the tone from the off - the ball went out for a throw-in and we showed intensity and that we were going to press them. From that throw-in we won the ball back and John McGinn scored a great goal which got chalked off.

"A big win at Leicester winning 1-0, it's a tough league so wherever you go it's tough. Coming here is tough, we knew we had to be at our best without the ball. That's what pleased me the most and we could've scored more. We created some great chances from our ball carrying skills with Jack Grealish and Ross Barkley and Trezequet and Ollie Watkins' non-stop running.

"We weren't satisfied with how last season ended, we finished 17th - we know that first season is always tough. We've added some quality to the squad, five players have come in which makes us look a strong team - we're competitive and that's where we want to be. You have to be in this league because it's tough as we found out against Southampton and Leeds before this game.

"I think good players always click, they get on a wavelength quickly and they look like they're on that wavelength together. You can't underestimate the work they do off the ball as well.

"We have to take each game as it comes and that's all we can do and want to do. We won our first four of the season and got our first bloody nose against Leeds so it can happen if you're not at it and the players know it that you have to be at it right from the off."

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live: "Well first congratulations to Aston Villa for the victory and the way they played, I thought they were strong and obviously from our side I take total responsibility because it's not acceptable the performance we put in from the beginning.

"I'll keep what I said to my players in the dressing room private, my role is to get the team performing at the highest level every three days and today we haven't done that and since I got appointed it's the first time I haven't seen that team on the pitch.

"This is football and when you are not at the races and not at your best teams destroy you in the Premier League. It's a really bad combination if you don't win the duels, you are late and they are more focused, they are more determined for every ball. If you don't defend your box well enough and you have chances but you don't put them away.

"No we are not creating enough chances but the ones we did create were clear enough to score at least one goal but if you look at the numbers from last few games it's not enough.

"Thomas Partey is injured. I support the five substitutes rule but I'm also for the possibility of having 20 players in the squad, but that's another story that we can not control."
Arsenal boss Mikel Artera to BBC Sport: "When we created chances we didn't put them away. We didn't win enough duels and the distances between the lines was too big.

"Against Leicester the first half was positive. We can lose a game like that. The way we lost today really hurts.

"It's not a coincidence we don't have that consistency. We have to address that. We have to analyse, get a mirror to each of us and look at ourselves. Instead of looking to blame others, look at yourself."

On the international break...

"I would rather play tomorrow. I know how hurting they are. My job is to lift them up. I would like to do that tomorrow morning but everyone is on international duty.

"Everyone has to reflect when they're away and come back and not let it happen again."

Arsenal vs Aston Villa . Score: 0-3.

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