Arsenal vs Brunley highlights (0-0)

Arsenal 0 vs 0 Brunley highlights 23.1

Burnley boss Sean Dyche speaking to Match of the Day: "We will see in the bigger picture but it is another platform to restart. It is a small step because there is a lot of work to be done, but with three weeks without playing, the players have had little training, we are working with the group and trying to stay fit and well.

"We are looking to refind that edge, slow Arsenal down and find a format that will change the feel of the game - there were moments in the game if we had a bit more quality on the transition we might have nicked something, but we'll take the point.

"The main thing is physical because in isolation players can't do much. I was really pleased, the output was excellent. We have been trying to add quality and create chances but haven't found that balance, it was about being hard to beat, diligent and it got us a nice point."

On any transfers: "We believe in the players we have got, it is a challenge when you lose good players like Woody. If we can activate the market I am sure we will."

Arsenal vs Brunley . Score: 0-0.

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