Ajax vs Tottenham Hotspur highlights (2-3)

Ajax 2 vs 3 Tottenham Hotspur highlights 8.5

FULL TIME: Ajax 2 Spurs 3
That is one of the great matches, one of the great comebacks, and surely Tottenham's best ever night in European football. Simply incredible. They have managed to pinch it at the last. They are delirious, the Ajax lads are in tears and why would they not be.
Lucas Moura, hat trick hero
Has written his name into Tottenham legend. It will be an all-England Champions League final and it is going to be immense!

GOAL! Ajax 1 Spurs 0 (de Ligt 5)
Trippier is supposed to be marking de Ligt, but has just lost him and basically given it up as a bad job. de Ligt marauds through the area to plant a head on it, beating Alli to the header, and giving Lloris no chance. He left Trippier for dead there. Dozy.

GoAL! Ajax 2 Spurs 0 (Ziyech 35)
Lovely move from Ajax, and it is goodnight Irene for Tottingham's hopes. A three-pronged attack as van de Beek carries it, slips it to Tadic, and he slides it to Ziyech who lashes a brilliant shot across the keeper that gives Lloris zero chance.

GOAL! Lucas Moura!!! Spurs !Ajax 2 Spurs 1 (Ajax 3-1 on agg)
Suddenly Spurs believe. A battling piece of play from Rose, and a long ball forward. Moura and Alli combine, nice ball through from Dele, Moura races on to it and slots it past the keeper

GOAL! Ajax 2 Spurs 2 (Ajax 3-2 on agg)
Spurs have another! Moura again!
Superb! Brilliant from Spurs and suddenly Ajax are reeling and rocking! Trippier gets down the right, crosses and it looks for all the world like Llorente must bundle it in. Somehow Ajax keep it out, good effort from the keeper. These Dutch lads don't know the meaning of Row Zed though and get in a right pickle in their own six yard box. Just hoof it clear bro! They've dithered, they've lost it, and Lucas Moura has slotted it home. Incredible stuff in Amsterdam and the hosts are on the ropes
GOAL! Ajax 2 Spurs 3 (Ajax 3-3 on agg)
Tottenham Hotspur!
all hoofed forward nodded on, there's panic stations at the back for Ajax, and who has reacted first? It's Lucas Moura! He has hit the ball towards goal, not got all of it but it is in the corner and Tottenham have scored

Ajax vs Tottenham Hotspur . Score: 2-3.

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