AC Milan vs Udinese highlights (2-1)

AC Milan 2 vs 1 Udinese highlights 3.2

AC Milan Vs Udinese Highlights: Mario Balotelli made his debut with Ac.Milan in the best possible way as he guided the Italian titans into triumph when they hosted Udinese in San Siro and came out on top 2-1.

The fans in the stadium were shouting the name of the 22 years old player and just almost every touch the former Inter Milan player made was encouraged by the home fans as he made his debut with his new club.

He did not disappoint as he opened up the scoreboard in the 25th minute when Shaarawy managed to put the ball inside the own area of Udinese as it took a minor deflection off of a defender until falling in the spot where Balotelli was standing and he just tapped it home.

AC.Milan pressured upfront leaving their defensive own half vulnerable and Udinese capitalized on it when Muriel rushed into the penalty box of the hosts until slipping it over to Pinzi and he pushed it past Marco Amelia as he tied the game up 1-1.

Just as the game was reaching its ending point it seemed as if it was going to finish with both sides receiving 1 point but the referee gave away a last minute penalty strike to the hosts after the defender Thomas Heurtaux took the ball away from Shaarawy completely clean but the set-piece was still given.

Balotelli stepped up to take it and tucked it into the opposing side of where Udinese’s Daniele Padelli had jumped. 2 goals from the recent acquisition was enough for Milan to seal all 3 points.

AC Milan vs Udinese . Score: 2-1.

AC Milan v Udinese goals:

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