AC Milan vs Siena highlights (2-1)

AC Milan 2 vs 1 Siena highlights 6.1

AC.Milan Vs Siena Highlights:Ac.Milan kick off the 2013 with a 2-1 win over the last team of Serie A Siena. All of the goals were scored in the 2nd period of the match. This result boosts the recovery for the hosts who had a terrible start of this season.

The 1rst half did not really have any exciting moments as the game only really started to sparkle into life in the last 30 minutes when the former player of Barcelona Boyan Krkic was introduced into the pitch.

Boyan replaced Nocerino in the 2nd half and within only a few minutes of having entered the game, he scored the opening goal. Baoteng released a cross over to the rushing Boyan who headed it home.

Milan extended their lead to 2-0 after Felipe appeared to have pushed in some way Pazzini inside his own box and the penalty was allowed for Pazzini himself to slam it into the roof of the net.

The substitute Michele Paolucci gave Siena some last minute hope on atleast finishing the game with a single point but it never happened as Abbiati did not concede any further goals and Milan picked up their 1rst win of 2013.

AC Milan vs Siena . Score: 2-1.

AC Milan v Siena goals:

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