We all know that playing Fantasy Premier League is not an exact science, if it were, we would all pick the same, or at least very similar teams. Most of you would have experienced picking a player that was outstanding the previous season, only to have a stinker the next when you select him for your team. 

That is half the fun though, right? On the flip side, the cheaper gambles you pick so that you can accommodate the better players can often have storming seasons. It all depends on the form of the players!

With that said, some perform far less than expected compared to others. So let’s take a look at the underperforming Fantasy Premier League players so far in the 2020/21 Premier League season.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

A very solid choice in previous seasons due to a decent price to performance average, Aubameyang is among the most underperforming players so far this season. While his performance has picked up in recent games, the Arsenal striker is still performing well below his normal self. In fact, he will have to score a goal a game until the end of the season to match his goal scoring feats of the past two seasons.

Why Not Win Some Money Playing Fantasy Football?

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It is fantasy football without the season-long commitment. You can choose to have the results determined over one day of sport or across a few days if you so choose. You just pick your DFS (daily fantasy sports) teams from either football, the NFL, basketball, Golf, Tennis, or practically any other sport, and the person whose team performs the best wins some money.

Sadio Mane

Sadly, Sadio Mane reflects the struggles that Liverpool has endured in attempting to defender their Premier League title. He is not the only Liverpool player underperforming as the likes of Trent Alexander-Arnold has also seen goals and assists dry up. Mane has a respectable 7 goals in 24 games so far but he usually finishes around the 20-goal mark at the end of the season. He would need some run of goal scoring to catch up to that sort of figure now. Plus, just two assists does not help his cause.

Kai Havertz

Havertz came to Chelsea with a huge reputation and many expected him to tear up the Premier League. However, as is the case with some foreign imports, it has taken him time to find his feet at the club and get accustomed to the style of football in the Premier League. This will not appease those who banked on the superstar coming good straight away.

To be fair, Chelsea as a club has had a fairly turbulent season with the changing of managers and underperforming as a group. Perhaps next season will be a better one for Havertz.

The Full-Time Whistle

Most of us believe we know more about football than others and this is why Fantasy Premier Football is so great. It allows us to brag to our friends when proven right or to accept the banter coming our way when not. At the end of the day, a lot of it comes down to a bit of luck combined with the knowledge that we have and even then it can all go horribly wrong.