Football is the most valuable sport worldwide. It is watched and loved by many millions of people around the world. Some people are simple fans, while others play football themself. In any case, this is exactly the kind of sport that can bring much more benefits than it seems at first glance. For example, if a person knows how to analyze and predict the outcome of matches of his favourite teams, he can try himself in the betting activity. Besides this, there are many other benefits.

Heart Doctor

Perhaps, in the future, humanity will be able to sports not getting up from the couch, and not breaking away from watching their favourite games. At least today, Australian scientists have explained the theory that even when watching sports, a person can train his cardiovascular system.

They conducted an experiment in which they asked several subjects to watch a 22-minute record of running competitions. While watching, the audience increased heart rate, breathing, and sweating. Scientists also recorded an increase in the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which supplied blood to the limbs, as during a real run.

Scientists say that this effect appears because observing others, our body subconsciously prepares itself for this. In other words, when we cheer for one or another athlete, we apply his behaviour to ourselves. When watching football, we think, “Here he must accelerate, and here give a pass.” And our prepares for the movements that the brain thinks about.


The person who learned how to make money in football matches will soon be famous both in narrow and wide circles, regardless of who he is here and now. If a person loves football and knows how to build logical chains in his head, he will be able to become a master of sports betting and get some money. It is impossible to imagine how much the life of the person can changes if he chooses to start betting.

Just keep in mind that here, as elsewhere, the experience is needed. Therefore, the devoted football fans have real chances to use their knowledge for their own benefit. So, your favorite hobby is quite capable of becoming a real job. You just need to make a bet and watch the livescore.

Football Diet

Even if you just watch football, your body loses a lot of calories. At home, a person weighing 70 kg loses an average of 200 calories in a 3-hour match. At the stadium, just sitting, the fan loses 100 calories in an hour. And if he constantly jumps up and cheers his team up, then he loses 200-250 calories. We do not mention the fact that the road to the stadium requires more physical energy than the way from the kitchen to the sofa.

If you prefer to watch football in the bar, then this will cost your body 150 calories per game. But do not forget that miracles do not happen. If you managed to drink a few pints of beer with grilled sausages in three hours of the match, then you should not count on special successes of the football diet.