Ice hockey has an interesting range of bets, even if it is not as rich as the more publicized sports like soccer or rugby. Online bettors on field hockey have a real choice, but it will be necessary to be discerning to avoid the traps of bookmakers who always use the technique in of overpricing the most unlikely bets to attract pigeons. Here are the main bets authorized by the ARJEL in South Africa. They are not all used by sports betting sites that offer odds on ice hockey.

Type of bet: winner of the championship / competition. This is the type of universal betting found for all sports. With a dozen national championships and national competitions, there is an interesting choice to place your bet. Advantage: the odds are good and remain interesting even with a clear favorite. Disadvantage: with a championship and finals, you have to be careful and take into account these two phases for betting on national championships.

Our opinion: with a small stake, it can be interesting. As for all disciplines, we don’t really like the idea of blocking a part of the betting budget for a whole season. A season is long and ambitions can change between a favorite who can be satisfied with a qualification in play off and an outsider who plays everything on the regular season.

Bet type: Winner of the game

Another classic bet. It is important to know that in ice hockey, there is no such thing as a draw. From a 1 in 3 chance, the bettor on a field hockey game goes to a 1 in 2 chance. Advantage: With one in two odds, the bet is more interesting than on other sports with 1 N2 Disadvantage: The games can be hard to read, but that’s what pays off.

Our opinion: This is a bet that can attract beginners, but to really take advantage of the odds, you need to know the two teams, the stakes of the game and more generally the bets on ice hockey. This is an interesting bet for bettors who know their stuff.

Type of bet: Score at the end of the game / Score at the end of each period You have to find the exact score of the game or at the end of each period. Advantage: the odds are as big as the bet is risky. Disadvantage: It’s luck even for experienced bettors.

Our opinion: This is a type of betting to be avoided. No matter what sport the player bets on, it is impossible to rationally determine the exact score of a match. Avoid this type of betting regardless of the level of the online bettor.

Bet type: Split between teams at the end of each period This is a bet that looks like +1 + 2 + 3 +4 etc. Advantage: here again, the odds can be really interesting. Disadvantage: a very difficult bet, not impossible, but you need a good knowledge of the two teams on the ice.

Our opinion: To be avoided in most games. It should be used sparingly and rather with teams conceding few goals and with talented goalies. Games where teams are going to watch each other in the first period of time are an opportunity to take advantage of the odds of this type of ice hockey betting