Over a thousand years in the history of gambling, the truth has mingled with gambling facts and myths. However, gambling has developed tremendously so is the far fetched theories and casino myths evolved to keep up with this development. Gambling is a combination of skill and luck. This gives it a magical feeling that paves the way for myths loosely attached to truth while others just imagine. 

Most of the gambling myths associated with casinos indicate that they are meant to cheat the player’s money, and some myths give you tricks to increase the chance of winning. One fact that cannot be changed is that the gambling payout percentage depends on the games’ RNG (random number generator) and nothing else. Every casino has a regulated payout percentage and is being advertised. 

Here we are to explain the difference between the facts and myths involved in gambling. This will help you utilize them while playing online casino games. You will be able to neglect the superstitions about games, players, dealers and increase your chance of winning. 

All the online casino games are manipulated

Like any business, casinos also make money through their games over some time, and they do so with the help of house edges. These house edges are set so that they profit the casinos in large compared to the payer’s payout. It does not imply that the odds are opposing you and that you will not get a chance to win.

You are one among the thousand players out of which casinos make money. So, according to this myth, you will not be set up for the loss. The random number generator in every casino game ensures that every player gets an equal chance to win. 

The authorities continuously monitor the RNG in both online casino sites and land-based casinos. So ignore these myths and play casino online. Winning and losing are part of any casino gambling game. 

It is illegal to count cards

First of all, count cards are legal, and you will not be imprisoned for doing it in any casino. Of course, casinos will not allow you to count the cards in the table as it is a clear cut strategy to enhance your chance of winning. If you win, you will be in favour of the game’s house edge. 

So if you are found to count cards, you will be inquired to vacate, and the casino notifies other casinos to ban you. But they cannot take any legal steps on you. Most casinos attempt to keep the line between Myths and facts blurred just to confuse the players. 

A big win is waiting for you if a slot machine has not given a jackpot in a while!

Slot machines are simple electronic machines without independent thoughts or feelings. So it will not be aware if it has not paid out for a long time. Moreover, they work using an RNG, which creates a new combination for every spin. Therefore, it is clear that each spin is random, and there is no guarantee that the next spin can get a jackpot. Many a time, there are possibilities for a person to win in the same slot machine just after you have left. 

Casinos use expert Roulette dealers who know how to handle the wheel and avoid big payouts

This is another widespread superstition that most people believe. It is obvious to think that the roulette dealer knows to handle the roulette wheel and can probably deceive. But numerous random factors affect the result of a roulette wheel. It is difficult for a dealer to manipulate all these factors and make the ball fall in the required slot every time. 

If the dealer is caught cheating, the casino has to face a huge penalty that is far greater than what a player wins. This reason is clear enough to burst the myth. 

You can easily win a slot machine in an active Casino

From the technical side, it is yes; you will get more jackpots, bigger prizes and more wins in an active casino when compared to a silent one. This is because more games are played at the same time. But your chance to win as a separate player remains the same. One incredible way you can enjoy this is when you play in an online gambling casino site. You can play comfortably from your home. There are top slot online casino sites that offer huge jackpots when they are pooled with numerous players at the same time. And all of them are playing online, and you need not worry about the noise and distractions. 

Winning in any casino game is purely luck

Of course, luck dabbles a major part in a casino game; it is not true that all casino games are solely dependent on luck! Casino gambling games are generally classified into two types, soft game, which depends on pure luck and skill game, which requires the players to utilize their skills effectively and win the game.