Championship side Blackpool have an interesting way in anticipating their upcoming league fixture this weekend against Doncaster Rovers, as The Tangerines created a healthy banter among fans by sharing an old video of their former player, Richie Wells, as he scored a stunning long range effort against Port Vale sometime ago. Figuring out the reason for Blackpool in sharing that exciting video is because Wells is currently playing for Doncaster and will most likely take part for both teams’ upcoming encounter at Bloomfield Road this Saturday, January 25, 2014. This positive message obviously should bring back that fun memory when that sensational effort being done, sometime during the 33-year-old midfielder’s time with The Tangerines back in around 2000-2005 season.

Speaking more about that special strike, Wells truly struck it in an exciting fashion as he immediately took advantage of a goal kick from Port Vale’s keeper, chess-ting the ball before fining that spectacular effort into goal. It was obviously a special experience not just for the midfielder, but also Blackpool as the club proved their strong excitement by sharing that sensational past effort from their former player. Obviously this situation might brought that sentimental vibe from both club and Wells this weekend as they did have a quite long time together.