Professional Football Clubs: Australia Supports FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona is one of the teams that form people’s current associations with field development. Formed in 1899, it has transformed into a powerhouse and meaningful trendsetter. This Spanish club can boast of having the best players and membership policies. The bunch of different details makes it so popular among the global fan society. Aussies are also among active FC Barcelona supported.

It is always a great thing to get to know more about your favorite team. There are myriads of resources to check its current presence and value in the market, including online Australian bookmakers. However, it is always a good idea to have rest from statistical data and the odds, so getting a deeper insight into the team’s general interesting facts will improve your connection with the club. Just check it out!

Club’s History

Barcelona was founded in 1899 by the famous Swiss athlete Joan Gamper. Everything was outrageously simple, but at the same time very effective. The athlete made a simple advertisement in the newspaper about the new club’s establishment. Dozens of the same soccer fans responded to the note and soon the team, including Gamper himself, won their first trophy — the Maccaya Cup. Since 1901, Barca has played in the world-famous blue-red jerseys.

Catalonia is a difficult and problematic region in the Kingdom of Spain. Constant rallies and zeal for independence affected the team’s play. Thus, during the dictatorial government of Francisco Franco in Madrid, the Barcelona stadium was repeatedly closed and the Catalan flag and language were banned. The rights of the successful team in the middle of the twentieth century were constantly infringed (authorities closed the stadium, tried to influence the players, as well as arrested some members of staff). However, the team defended its right to be in the history of Spanish football.

Funny Nicknames

Catalon soccer is a majestic spectacle, which is usually viewed by millions of fans online and offline. What do you know about the classic of this Spanish club? For genuine supporters, there can’t be anything better than a full Camp Nou stadium and active matches of their favorite team. Knowing some hidden facts will make your experience even more fascinating. For instance, there is a pretty funny story behind the fan members’ official nickname.

Called “cullers” and “cules”, people often associate these words with the English word “cool”, but their true meanings are far from being synonymous. In reality, the literal translation of the analyzed Spanish term will mean “showing backsides”. There are no offensive stories behind it. Back in the 1910s, the stadium where FC Barcelona played and trained just couldn’t provide sitting places for all the enthusiasts. So it wasn’t a rare case for fans to sit on the fence. The view of the fans was not less spectacular than the event itself. Over time, this association has become a traditional title of the club’s supporters.

Respect to Fans

Even though it is not a mystery or secret file, different companies and companies adjust their promos, marketing campaigns, and even branding to suit the tastes and beliefs of the target audience. For instance, several cartoons and movies have slight plot and graphics changes because of that (the studio Pixar is especially famous for such modifications).

When it comes to football, there are brilliant examples too. FC Barcelona agreed to modify its emblem after signing a sponsorship contract with the Qatar Foundation in 2010. They refused to display the cross in the design of their T-shirts for sale in Arab countries. The same action was performed by another football club, namely, Real.

Hiring New Members Is Exciting

Getting new players is always an event for football teams. It takes time to adjust their playing strategy and create solid bonds with “fresh blood”. But there are cases when unexpected misunderstandings happen. For example, in 2008, the investment company of Sheikh Mansour of the UAE bought English soccer club Manchester City. During one phone call, the director misheard the phrase from the owner “It’s all getting messy” and understood it as a straight request to action. As you might guess, the outcome wasn’t as brilliant as planned. The Spanish club rejected the offer of thirty million pounds and left Lionel Messi a member of their own team. It does sound like a hearsay story, but isn’t it a great idea to be aware of more such details?


FC Barcelona is a famous Spanish football club, but they are also experts in other sports disciplines. Their basketball club is believed to be one of the best in Europe, especially taking into account the number of its trophies and wins in several leagues and tournaments. If you want to diversify your experience as a club’s fan, check out their teams in hockey, mini-football, and handball departments. Excellent emotions and qualitative performances are guaranteed.

The Final Verdict

At the end of the day, being a sports fan doesn’t limit your interests. You aren’t obliged to learn your favorite players’ biography or memorize their statistical achievements. It is more about having fun and relaxing when doing great things. With the help of interesting stories and facts about FC Barcelona, Australian fans feel a tighter connection with the team and expect them not only as professional athletes. 

For supporters, it is so important to understand such personalities are real humans and not to put additional responsibilities on them just because you expected more or something different at all. The more aware you are of the club’s history, the more sincere your care and attention to its affairs will be.