Playing slots is fun, but it’s an activity that definitely costs money. However, although you might initially think that this money is going to be hundreds and hundreds of pounds, or even tens and tens, you can think again. It is entirely possible to play slots at with a very small budget indeed if you’re careful. Here are some of the ways it can be done.

Pick Slots With High RTPs and Low Limits

Something that you might not realise, or could easily forget when you are searching out a fun slot to play with your small budget, is that not all slots are the same. We’re not just talking about the way they look or how they are played, we actually talking about how much and how often they are going to payout.

For example, slots with a high RTP offer more chance of the player receiving their initial stake back, and slots with low limits you can play with a very small amount of money. If you can combine these two things, you won’t have to pay much into the game, to begin with (maybe just 1p in some cases) and you stand a good chance of getting that money back again, which means you can keep playing and not be out of pocket.

Look For Bonus Games

Some slots offer a number of different bonus games and features such as free spins, gamble features, and the bonus rounds themselves. These are all going to be very useful when you’re playing on a small budget, as they will often extend your playing time, or give you a good chance of winning more than you would on the straightforward slot game.

Therefore, always try to choose a game that has plenty of extras tagged onto it. Not only are these that little bit more interesting that the standard falling or spinning reels (and they can often require a little more skill too), but this is where most of the winning takes place. Choosing a game that has the bonuses included means you’re really (potentially) making the most of your budget, no matter what size it might be.

Jackpots Are Your Friend

It is highly unlikely you are going to win the big jackpot on a game. Hundreds of thousands of people play, and only a handful ever win that life-changing amount of money. Of course, it could happen, but let’s just say the odds are very low. Because of this, it’s best not to assume you’re going to win. If you do, congratulations! If you don’t, you won’t be disappointed.

However, by playing the games with the more interesting jackpots, you are at least giving yourself a tiny (very tiny) extra chance. Some games such as Mega Moolah trigger their jackpot wins randomly, and it doesn’t matter how much you paid in. So if you have the choice between spending your small budget on a game with no huge jackpot, or spending it on a game that does have one (especially if it’s random), you can see where the best choice lies.