Football is the most beloved sport in the entire world. It is played on almost every continent, has millions of fans, and, of course, is one of the most lucrative sports to play in at the top leagues. Starting a career in football, however, is no easy task. Everyone wants in.

As a Football Player

Getting into the top leagues in football is a dream for all players, and though the likelihood of you being on the starting line-up for a Premier League Team are slim, there are so many different leagues you can play in that you can make your mark.

Use a University Coach

The best way to start a career in football might be as a kid. There are football clubs for youths that are managed by some of the top teams throughout Europe. Not getting into one of these academies, however, is not the end of the world. You can also look overseas, where coaches from ASM Scholarships have helped international athletes for years secure scholarships to top American universities and kickstart their football (known as soccer over there) careers off.

Work Your Way Up

Academies are a direct route, yes, but most of the players won’t make it. If you love football, there is nothing wrong with fighting to get on any team, no matter the league level, and then showcasing what you can do. Help your team rise to the top league or simply wow everyone at your level until you catch someone’s eye during the transfer season.

Working in the Industry

If you were never sporty or missed your chance to get in shape and hit the world stage (most professional football players are in their 20s), then hope is not lost. There are so many roles that make football what it is, which means that you can use your existing talents now.

On the Team

Getting on the team in a supportive capacity will require experience, so chances are you won’t be hired for your dream team immediately. If you have any connections, you can try to get hired that way. Otherwise, you will simply want to find a position on a football team and work your way up there. Unlike football players, you can continue to work well past your physical prime, so you have time, even if you are changing careers.
Help your team rise to the top league or simply wow everyone at your level until you catch someone’s eye during the transfer season.

Football is a highly physical sport so maintaining a healthy and fit body is a must. There is a vast number of supplements in the market to further enhance your fitness, recommended fat burners without any caffeine and a lot more, you just need to be cautious and seek medical guidance prior to taking any.

In the Industry

You can work in media, merchandising, marketing, and so many other industries that are related to football. Take your existing talents now and just fight to get your foot in the door. These industries are usually exceptional at helping you grow your career once you are in, but they can be hard to start. Try low-level jobs that offer training so that you can get into the industry, and then use your connections to find positions that suit you and your talents.

Due to its size, popularity, and prevalence around the world, it is very possible to work in football. You simply need to leverage your talents and find where you fit in best. On the field, on the side-lines, or even just in the industry helping connect teams with their fans. Options are out there, so go out and pursue your dream.