Becoming a professional soccer player is the dream for many. You get to play on the best pitches with the best players, and you get paid handsomely to do it. However, getting a professional contract isn’t easy. You will have to stand out from thousands of other aspiring soccer players. If you’re serious about becoming a pro, you should follow these steps. 

Devote Yourself to the Game

The first (and most important) step is to devote yourself to the game. You need to live and breathe soccer if you want to make it all the way. When you hear about the legends of the game, people always say they spent their whole childhood with a ball at their feet. You need to do this too. Walk everywhere with a ball, play in your spare time, watch soccer on TV, attend matches, learn about your heroes. Only with this level of commitment will you be able to make it to the professional level. 

Learn the Sport Inside Out 

It’s not just enough to live and breathe soccer. You need to truly understand it as well. Technical skills might be important, but tactics are crucial. You will need a solid understanding of each position, offensive and defensive tactics, rules of the game, and how to beat certain teams. 

Train Regularly

Practice makes perfect. There’s no secret that to get better at something, you just need to practice constantly. That means training as regularly as you can. Proper soccer training will give you a chance to practice your technical skills in a competitive environment. It’s one thing doing skills on your own, it’s another thing doing them when someone is trying to tackle you. 

Run Every Day

Physical endurance is super important for professional soccer players. You should start building up your endurance by running every day. Push yourself to run further and increase your fitness levels. Also, practice running with the ball at your feet. This will help you develop skills and fitness at the same time. 

Learn to Play with Both Feet 

There are plenty of players that are amazing with their strong foot. However, this won’t cut it in the professional game. You need to be adept with both feet. Practice dribbling, passing, crossing, and shooting with your weaker side every day. This will help you stand out in a trial situation. 

Learn from the Professionals

You should be watching professional soccer as much as possible. You can pick up skills, tactics, and other tips from watching your favorite players. Analyze how they move with the ball and how they get in position to score goals. 

Attend a soccer camp

There are soccer camps across the U.S. that help young players develop their skills. Alternatively, you could travel to Europe (the home of soccer) and advance your development even further. Programs like offer the chance to travel to Europe and train with teams that have a history of producing professional players. This will give you a good indication of your level compared to other kids from across the globe.