Players need to be careful when betting on the same slot machine, they may miss out on some exciting freeslots benefits.

Betting on a slot machine

Betting is an imperative part of the slot experience, even free to play slots require players to bet with a fake currency. It is through the act of betting that the game becomes exciting, tense and ultimately fun. Betting on a slot machine is a little different than other casino based games, players place a bet with each spin of the reels. Many slot machines offer a max bet option which will place the biggest potential bet on each spin for the player. There are even slot games which allow the players to make different bets on different reels. Due to the fast paced nature of slot gaming, it is advised that players always keep a keen eye on how much they bet. Otherwise they may find that they have gone through their bankroll rather quickly.

Why change slot machines?

Although every player will have certain favourites, it is not an uncommon thing for players to change the slot machine that they are using. There are many reasons and potential benefits for this.

  1. Try something new – One of the biggest reasons why players change the slot that they have been using, it allows them to enjoy a new experience. With millions of different slot games to choose from, players will often want to explore the new features and themes that different slots have to offer.

  2. Losing streak – Although slots are all governed by the RNG which ensures that a slot doesn’t even remember the result of it’s previous spin, some players are superstitious. If a player feels that they are on a losing streak with a slot, they will be likely to change games in the hope that their luck changes.

  3. Winning streak – Similar to a losing streak, if a player is on a winning streak they may want to quit while they are ahead by trying to minimise their potential losses.

How long do you use the same slot machine?

When playing a slot game for an extended period of time, it is always wise to have a plan of action. Although there is no definitive answer, the following should help to inform your decision as to how long to bet on the same slot machine.

●     Do what feels right – A Lot of slot gaming comes down to a player’s inner feeling, it helps them to make quick decisions in the heat of the moment. Players should focus on whether it feels right for them to use the same slot.

●     Slots are random – The outcome of a slot spin is always going to be random, players need to be aware that there is nothing they can do to influence its outcome. Changing a slot after a losing streak doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a sudden change of fortunes.


A player should bet on the same slot game for as long as it feels right, there is no specific rule that says they must change games after a certain point.