Each country is free to construct and alter its gambling laws to suit the habits of players and the problems that may occur amongst them. It is however important to have gambling laws in place everywhere that are flexible and reflect the modern gambling world we now live in. This helps to protect the public from unscrupulous organizations who are only interested in making a fast buck and not the welfare of their customers – playEasy Slots.

The UK has some of the strictest gambling laws in the western world and all casinos and gambling establishments, including those online, must be licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. There are many intricacies to all gambling laws across the globe and some are constantly being reviewed and updated. New Zealand has one of the most interesting additions to its gambling laws and this includes the use of gambling revenue to improve services for local communities.

RTP Slot Rules

Some aspects of slot gambling laws are more important than others, but even the finer details such as displaying the RTP scores of slots are appreciated by players. The RTP or Return to Player Percentage score is important to gamblers because it can act as a guide to how individual slot games perform. The score can even inform gamblers of what games to play and which ones to avoid.

The RTP score is generated by testing individual slot games over an extended period. Thousands of spins are performed and the staking amount versus the amount won is calculated. Then each game is given an RTP rating, and this acts as a guide to how much of your staking is likely to be returned to you throughout extended play.

New Zealand Casino Sites

New Zealand has some of the most sensible gambling laws in the world when it comes to gambling revenue distribution. However, other rules are practical too and these include displaying the RTP score of every game available at a properly licensed online casino. The RTP score can be found by clicking on the game info tab that every slot should have.

Here slots can also be described as having low volatility, medium volatility, or high volatility. Slots that have low volatility are no thrills games that payout consistently, but amounts won are usually small, even though there are fewer dead spins. Slots rated as having a medium volatility rating are slightly more unpredictable than low volatility slots, but gaps between wins can be wider.

Highly volatile slots are the most thrilling and frustrating of all the games to play. The periods of experiencing dead spins can be extensive, and bonuses can be hard to land. Your casino balance can be destroyed within minutes, yet these games can suddenly flip, and you can recover all your losses in seconds.

Final Thoughts

If you are playing at a reputable New Zealand-based online casino, then the RTP’s of all slots should be easy to find in the game info tab, the scores should also accurately reflect the performance of each slot.