The great thing about slots is that there is an endless stream of themes that can be called upon to make the games more interesting – claim Cookie Casino welcome bonus. Some of these themes are going to be of more interest to women than men (although, of course, there are no actual restrictions – other than age – on who can or should play). Sometimes it’s just nice to be able to whittle down the huge choice when it comes to slot games, and looking at themes that are going to be more suitable or more interesting is one way to do it. If you’re a woman looking for slots to play, here are some of the best themes.

Nostalgic Games

Although everyone gets nostalgic for the past at times, it is thought that women feel that nostalgia more than men. So any game that has a theme linking back to the past, and specifically to childhood, is going to be popular with female players. These games could include all kinds of elements such as soft toys, TV shows or movies from a particular decade in which you grew up or have fond memories. They might even be linked to childhood toys or play areas. Whatever it is, it is going to make you want to play not just to experience the fun of the slot, but also to experience that warming jolt of nostalgia.


Some of the most popular slots ever made are those that relate to movies and cinema. Name your favourite film, and assuming it’s not too obscure, you’ll be sure to find at least one slot that links to it either directly or indirectly. These can be old classics, or they might be the most up to date blockbusters – or anything else in between.

Women tend to like films with more of a story attached as opposed to action based films, and there are certainly slots like that. Romance movies, comedies, and classics have all come in for the slot game treatment and are all very popular.

Warrior Queen

What women could ever possibly dislike a warrior queen? These strong, independent women are something to look up to, and there are many different slots that tap into this love of a woman who knows her own mind and strengths.

Men may also like to play these games, as the idea of a strong woman is something everyone can get behind. Whether you see yourself in the title character or you wish you should be more like her, these slots offer you something different and highly entertaining.


Now, we’re not saying that men don’t like holidays, but when it comes to planning and arranging those holidays, it tends to be women who take first place. This could be why destination themed slots are so popular with women. You can enjoy a holiday on a tropical island, in a ski resort, in a big city, or pretty much anywhere else including specific countries, and you can win money at the same time. Who’s going to say no to that?