There are many popular games that include using dice and the whole family loves them-from Monopoly to D&D. The dice always seems to have an important role in how the game unfolds before our eyes. In the spirit of that, let’s take a closer look at how the dice progressed through history and became what we know today- a true playmaker.

Nowadays, dice are made out of plastic and you can see them in most stores. However, back in the day, there were only astragals. Astragals are the ankle bones of buffalos, sheep, and other kinds of animals. Sometimes, these types of bones have markings on their four sides and they were typically used for people to unravel what the future holds for them. 

But what happened afterward?

The First Dice Games in History

The first cultures like the Mayans and the Aztecs started to create dice from pottery, walnut shells, pebbles, peach stones, and other materials. Experts have found cube shaped dice in China and they seemingly date around 600 BCE. For example, Native American cultures have used four-sides stick dice in games and the Romans and Greeks made dice out of marble, onyx, bronze, and amber. Who said that dice can`t be posh? 

Nowadays, dice can not also be used for entertainment purposes but also for teaching kids. They can be included in games that can teach the youngest children about numbers and the older ones about maths. 

We can also give you some interesting games that have become popular to play with your friends where dice is the main character. 

Popular Dice Games

  • The Pig Dice Game

This is a game that can be played by 2 or more people but usually, it’s best if the players remain 2. Players can use one dice and you have to be the first one to get 100 or more points. You’ll need one pen and paper for keeping score and one 6-sided dice.

  • The Bar Dice game

Here, each player has to roll a dice, and the one who has the highest score wins. The first player places 5 dice in a cup, shakes the cup, and dumps its contents on the bar. You have to have at least one ace to proceed. 

  • Bunco

This game is usually played by 12 players that are divided into 3 tables and each table has 4 players. Each game contains between 2 and 4 sets. One set has 6 rounds and all tables play at the same time in each round. Players start earning points by getting a number from the dice that`s similar to the number of the round. If you get 4 4s in the 4th round, you`ll get points.

These and many more dice casino games are just the product of their ancestors a.k.a the dice that cultures before us have created and used. Whether that`s for guidance about the future or just for fun- the dice is something that never gets old. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a picnic blanket, a basket of snacks, and a board game and go to the park. Roll the dice with your favourite people and may the fun never end!