The 21/22 European football season is in full swing. And while athletes fight for the title of the best team, you can become a winner in mobile simulators. Although the action takes place in a virtual universe, the intensity of passions is real. So as not to get lost in the huge variety, check out these five great projects.

1. FIFA Soccer

Most European football fans consider FIFA Soccer to be one of the best sports games for Android in USA and worldwide in general. Every year EA Sports releases updated versions that really get better in terms of quality and player management. In the mobile version, the emphasis is on building the best team. You need to participate in training, competition, negotiate purchases of new athletes, and so on. In matches, you can manage each team member yourself or trust the bot.

2. eFootball PES

eFootball PES is the main contender for FIFA. The debate about which one is better can go on almost endlessly. Despite a similar overall focus, eFootball PES still stands out from its competitor and offers a more engaging experience for mobile users. The graphics and gameplay, in general, are more realistic here (like on consoles), especially when it comes to tricks. PES has a different set of licensed clubs, and thanks to random rewards, you can get cool athletes on your team.

3. Soccer Stars

This project is a fascinating combination of real European football and a board game. Here you control not the figures of players but mini-checkers. It is far from previous simulators in terms of gameplay, but it is no less interesting. You need to move checkers across the field, bypassing opponents and scoring goals. All actions take place in real-time and with real users. It has its own competition system with many tournaments. You can fight with your friends in local multiplayer mode if you want.

4. Football Manager Mobile

The essence of Football Manager lies in its name. You do not play as a team or an athlete but as a manager. You take the club under your control and start developing it:

  • look for and buy new players;
  • agree on the rental and sale of athletes;
  • make a schedule and organize training;
  • develop tactics, and so on.

It is an ideal project for those who want to understand inner stuff, which you will not see on TV.

5. Final Kick

Penalties are one of the harshest punishments in soccer and tend to change the running score. With Final Kick, you will learn to score and parry them like a pro. Even though the game is dedicated to this one hit only, it is not as simple as it sounds. You need to customize the parameters of each team player, choose the right sportswear for them, and upgrade their skills. There are both online tournaments with real people and offline competitions with AI.

Conquer the Tops of Virtual Soccer Tournaments

European football is popular all over the world. Modern technology gives fans the opportunity not only to watch world events but also to partake in major tournaments. If you have played any of the listed games, please share your opinion on their account. What project would you add to this list?