Fifa general secretary Jerome Valcke has told that a decision to introduce goal-line technology could be made within the next 12 months.
England’s Frank Lampard was denied a legitimate goal against Germany when his shot came down off the crossbar and bounced over the line, only for officials to wave play on as goalkeeper Manuel Neuer gathered the ball.
A possible alternative to goal-line technology is to station additional assistant referees behind each goal-line – a system trialled in last season’s Europa League.
The International Football Association Board (IFAB) will make a final decision on the use of extra officials in 2012, but goal-line technology could be given the go-ahead sooner.
Asked whether there would be changes to the refereeing system before the next World Cup in 2014, Valcke said: “There is a real chance. For the additional assistant referees the final decision will be at the IFAB in 2012, for the goal-line technology any time. At the March meeting the decision could be made.”
Valcke added that while he would support goal-line technology, his own personal view was that video replays should not be used for other decisions such as offsides.
He explained: “The game is a beautiful game, it is about 22 players and the referee, and about discussions for hours after the game, if it was offside or not offside. I agree that if you have a system which gives you a chance to make sure that if the ball is in, the referee should know it and should give the goal, then that is something that has to be done.”
But Valcke feels that stopping play for anything apart from goal-line queries would ruin the game.
“The goal-line technology I am fine with, but the video replays I don’t like. I think it would kill the game,” he said. Sure it would help the referees but it will kill the game.
You have to stop the game. In the last ten minutes when there is such tension that anything can happen, you will stop the game one, two, three, four times to make sure it is the right decision. You can get the picture in seconds but it doesn’t mean your brain is making the decision in seconds. But that is very personal, nothing to do with Fifa.”


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