England gave their worst ever World Cup performance in South Africa, according to official rankings.
In their assessment of England’s performances, FIFA have rated them only 13th.
That is two places worse than their previous lowest mark, in 1958, when, shorn of Duncan Edwards and Tommy Taylor following the Munich air crash, England finished 11th. When England left for South Africa at the beginning of last month, coach Fabio Capello claimed his side could reach the final.
England’s demise is still a mystery to many, including it seems, FIFA president Sepp Blatter, who could shed no light on the failure either.
Asked why England had performed badly in the tournament, Blatter said: “You will have to ask the Football Association. “England is considered as being the motherland of football, as Brazil is the heartbeat of football, but there are no small national teams any more. There are small countries but their national teams are very strong as football has developed.”
England’s previous finishes: 1950 – 8th, 1954 – 6th, 1958 – 11th, 1962 – 8th, 1966 – 1st, 1970 – 8th, 1982 – 6th, 1986 – 8th. 1990 – 4th. 1998 – 9th, 2002 – 6th.


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