Tottenham striker Jermain Defoe insists morale was strong inside the England World Cup squad.
Defoe dismissed talk of a rift in the England World Cup camp and rivalry between senior players.
He said: “The spirit was always good. Everyone got on and had a laugh. The talk of there being cliques is stupid. When you’re at the World Cup you’re all fighting for the same thing. Everyone’s in it together, the players, coaches, even the girls doing the admin. You become like a family, you’re together for six weeks. Everyone’s professional. It’s normal to have little tensions, but to be honest I didn’t really pick up on anything in particular. People think John Terry was annoyed that Steven Gerrard was made captain, but it’s not his fault the manager picked him. Steven Gerrard has played in World Cups before, he’s got a lot of experience. Obviously JT was captain but everyone knows what happened with that. But JT was still brilliant, he was still out there, leading, he didn’t need the armband. Players don’t get involved with managers’ decisions.

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