David Beckham last night ruptured his achilles tendon in AC Milan’s 1-0 victory over Chievo. The 34 year old will be having an operation on the injury this afternoon in Helsinki. The injury is considered one of the worst in sport as it is very difficult to come back from as the tendon is a crucial one for an athlete. It has been speculated that it could take anywhere from 4-9 months to recover from the injury. This will certainly rule the midfielder out of World Cup 2010.

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid player who is currently on loan from LA Galaxy to play for AC Milan was hoping to play in his 4th straight World Cup for England, a feat which no other English player has done. With the recent launch of the new England World Cup Away Kit, Beckham would have hoped that his team would reach the final in this kit like they did in 1966, with him playing in the match.

This is likely to spark the end of a fantastic international record for Beckham, who had won 115 caps and had scored 17 goals for England.  It could potentially spell the end of his playing career altogether. Beckham turns 35 in a couple of months and may decide to call it a day if his recovery is not going to plan. The injury comes only a few short days after his long-awaited first return to Old Trafford to face Manchester United, which he came on as a substitute for AC Milan in a 4-0 hammering. Could this be the end for Beckham?

Written by Stephen Whiteford, a sports writer who blogs about football shirts.

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