Which Popular Sports Teams Work with Casinos or Bets?

Sports betting has been a favourite activity for many gamblers for as long as online casinos have been in existence. Even earlier than that, some brick and mortar casinos offered limited sports betting events. Usually, people would play against the dealer while some other times, the dealer would only be a facilitator. 

There are various ways in which sports teams get involved in casinos or with casino owners. However, some major leagues have been against the involvement of casinos in sports, especially where advertising is concerned. 

For instance, the football industry has been in a long battle to reduce betting companies’ involvement on the pitch. The efforts are bearing fruits, and the Guardian reports that some companies are withdrawing from the field.

How Sports Teams Work with Casinos

Other than advertising on Canadian free slots, there are various other ways in which sports teams work with casinos. These include sponsorships, match-day live promotions, and high-end promotions, among other things. These interactions are beneficial to both the sports teams and the casino firms since each stands to gain. Let’s look deeper into these interactions. 

Match-day Live

This is a category of activities that usually take place on the match day. Respective teams get in contracts with casinos to provide various services to players as the match continues. Perhaps, WiFi provision is the most lucrative deal some players have signed. In such a deal, the casino provides high-speed internet to all fans, regardless of the sport, but then limit websites that can be accessed using the facility. In so doing, a diehard fan of a particular sports team may find it advantageous to watch the games from the pitch rather through TV. William Hill, a gambling firm, has been providing fast internet to fans in the Tottenham Hotspurs grounds as part of a match day-live promotion. 

Even with the protests to reduce gambling content on advertisements, some teams are still signing deals to advertise particular companies on match day. 


A significant number of English premier league clubs have entered into sponsorship contracts with gambling firms from across the world. The case is not any different for the English championship, Spanish La Liga, or the Italian Serie A. Some of these deals are evident on the playing teams’ uniforms. However, sponsorships are not left to football alone. The gambling companies thrive on visibility and have had to sponsor motor racing teams, F1 teams, and Olympic teams.  

In other sponsorship deals, some casinos have had to sponsor pitch-side advertising boards in various stadiums where shirt branding is not an option.

VIP Programs  

VIP program contracts between casinos and sports teams usually aim at luring fans to watch the match from the pitch. They are usually designed to reward loyal fans and gamblers using a particular platform. Royal gamers of a particular platform may frequently get exclusive offers like match tickets as a reward for playing at the said casino. Many people would take such an offer regardless of how much they have lost to the casino. Other than match tickets, information available in the public domain shows that some casinos even offer one-way return tickets for fans. 

So, Which Sports Teams Work with Casinos or Bets?

The overdue legalisation of sports betting in the USA opened doors for the teams to sell gambling sponsorships. In recent years, basketball and F1 sides are among those who have secured lucrative casino sponsorships.

F1: Racing Point 

In 2019, Racing Point, an F1 side, made history by signing the first-ever sponsorship contract between a motorsport stakeholder and a gambling company. The team, which was previously known as Force India, was rescued from the verge of administration when Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll led a consortium of investors to acquire the team. According to Casino.org, The African betting firm would part with $18 for a two-year contract and a possible one-year extension valued at $12 million.


At the start of the recently concluded 2019/2020 English premier league season, 17 out of the 20 participating teams had already secured partnerships with casinos from across the world. 

However, not all of these partnerships involved branding, and perhaps you may not even know that your favourite team has a gaming partner. Westham United and Everton are some of the teams taking casino branded shirts to the pitch. At the same time, league giants like Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, and Manchester United have signed off-pitch partnerships with popular casinos. 

The case is the same in other popular leagues worldwide, even though sports associations are decrying the exposure of underage children to too much information about gambling.

Basketball and Hockey

As of 2018, sports teams and league associations from the United States had the liberty to sell sponsorships to betting firms. The initial deals that hit the ground first involved associations like the NBA and NHL. The two league associations signed sponsorship deals with MGM Resorts International, a popular casino operator in the country. Member teams playing in these associations were not left behind in a rush for gaming sponsorships. According to Legal Sports Report, the New Jersey Devils, Vegas Golden Knights, and Philadelphia 76ers secured sponsorships from various casino operating firms. 


Like basketball teams and associations, the MLB and NFL sectors of the sports industry could not resist the temptation and perhaps the benefits of a gaming partnership. In the NFL, Las Vegas Raiders are already in a contract with Ceasars, while the New York Jets have sponsorships from both MGM and 888 casinos. Dallas Cowboys is also on the list of the teams that have joined the chase for sponsorships after signing a contract that would see WinStar Casino use their logos in all their branding campaigns.

As for the MLB, MGM is the official sponsor of the league and will have the right to use the logos and official league data in their gambling operations. Many of the teams playing in the MLB have signed contracts with Draft Kings, but they cannot market the outfit in New Jersey due to regulatory restrictions.