Top Earning Portuguese Footballers

What is the motivation for the football players to become better and better with years? Do you believe that their success is driven by the adrenaline and passion for the game? No doubt, being a top-earning player is an essential factor that pushes football masters to use their abilities to the full extent. The financial side of the football deal is luring and motivating enough to sacrifice personal life and even health at times.

Who are the best and highest-paid Portuguese Footballers?

As a fan, you might be curious to find out how luxurious the life of the top-earning Portuguese players is. Let’s start with naming the leaders. Finding the most popular names is easy by checking sources like which gives you all the stats on the popularity of a player in any kind of sport. By collecting the statistics on the success of the players, their contract deals, and other details of their life, the betting sites operate pretty accurate numbers on the players. Portuguese players are of particular interest since they appeared to be taking a lot of respectable spots in the charts.


Christiano is not new to the rating of the top-earning Portuguese footballers. He was ranked as an influential sports figure by several reputable sources like Forbes and Business Insider. It is no secret that Ronaldo owns a fortune. Hence, you will not be surprised that his income is assessed at $109 million in 2019. It is a nice jump comparing to $43 in 2013. Ronaldo’s career is not focused on football solemnly. He invested in business quite successfully and now owns a chain of hotels, and other enterprises.


Nani is not as well-paid as Ronaldo but gets more than average. He had a break from sports and yet managed to become the most expensive unit on Orlando City’s team. The stats report that Orlando player will get a total of $1.1 million for the work in 2019. It seems more than enough to satisfy the needs of a celebrity player.


He started the career with Portuguese teams despite being born in Brazil. Pepe found more recognition in Portugal and played for Porto. Before, he experienced troubles with taxes and even left Real Madrid for that. Currently, his career is not focused on football but he remains one of the top-earners of Portuguese football.


Neves plays as a midfielder. He started a career with Porto and reached the top with the English team Wolves. The stats on his value at the moment equal to about $40 million. First, he signed a contract with Wolves, and then had the review of conditions in 2018 which significantly improved his income. Neves is a proud owner of the title of the youngest Portuguese footballer in the UEFA.

How are these players doing in the international rankings?

With the income of $109 million, Ronaldo is not on top of the list of wealthy footballers worldwide. The first place has been held for some time by Argentinian footballer Messi. His wealth account for about $127 million. Ronaldo is following with the silver medal. Neymar is coming third on this list with the $105 million, and Paul Pogba, France, is closing the rating of top players. His value is $33 million. Taking into account that the list is compiled after reviewing the international teams, Portuguese players are quite successful since they take a lot of spots in ratings worldwide.