The Growth of Football Betting in the UK

In the British Isles, everyone makes bets — both people not related to sports, and those who directly involved, including football players and coaches. This is a national passion that became the talk of the town just as English arrogance and snobbery.

There is no government policy that can prevent people from going to bookmaker offices. As a matter of fact, the latter have brought billions of pounds in taxes to the UK budget over the past decades.

Statistics show that every year UK residents spend more and more money on the gaming industry. According to the gambling commission, during the reporting period from September 2015 to September 2016, the British spent 13.8 billion pounds, which is almost 18 billion dollars, on Football betting tips. On average, this is 219 pounds per each inhabitant of the country, though not all 63 million of UK population make bets. While not the astronomical sum, it clearly indicates the degree of the country’s involvement in gambling and the number of those who wish to voluntarily risk their money.

The improving technology and increasing power of smartphones and tablets make it easier for bettors to access betting sites, giving the latter even greater profits. The more money betting lovers bring to the companies, the more these companies invest in the promotion of their products, which creates a new round of increased public involvement in the gaming industry. Further, more and more services are centered around online betting, from tipster websites like to popular betting blogs.

Despite the increase in the total number of bets per capita, the number of bookmakers has decreased to nine thousand due to the policy of mergers and acquisitions. As a result, we can see bookies, which even overtook some industrial enterprises by capitalization. Of these, the leading trio of Willam Hill, Coral, and Ladbrokes known as the Big Three stand out. Their profits are estimated in hundreds of millions of pounds. These bookmakers have gone beyond their core business as well as beyond the UK, exporting the national love for betting across the world.