The Football World Cup: How Popular is it In Terms of Viewership?

It is only a matter of time before one of the most anticipated sporting events in the world begins and that is the FIFA World Cup and in 2022 it takes place in Qatar. 

Football fans will be able to find out the full schedule closer to April when the draw takes place and a full roster of games is made available so punters can prepare their bets, if you’re looking for a platform that will give you enhanced odds before and during the World Cup then look no further, here are some online platforms that will give you those extra bonuses, offers, promotions and much more. 

Now a lot of players use the services of sports bet sites not on Gamstop, they provide more opportunities for betting and attract with their reliability. The World Cup is massive in terms of viewership and as an example of showing this, the 2018 World Cup finals between France and Croatia provided a glimpse into what can be expected in the future, with estimates indicating that a combined 2.5 billion viewers tuned in to the game, with the majority watching at home and the remainder being accounted for by estimates from those who watch the game in bars, pubs, and other similar venues that broadcast the match. Over half of the globe tuned in to see what the most important athletic event on the planet may be, second only to the Olympics in terms of global reach, demonstrating the widespread appeal of football throughout the world.

Moreover, the past couple of years have been beneficial to the sport, the initial cancellations and postponements for major sporting events back in 2020 had resulted in increased interest from fans in to sports they may not have otherwise explored for something to watch and had helped football grow in different regions, particularly across the United States, but had also assisted different leagues, even those that already had a large following, to grow too once a regular schedule had been restored, leading to the emergence of the Premier League in the United Kingdom.

The differences in broadcasting may also work to the benefit of viewers, while much of the world will still have the same free access through different TV channels and stations, the growing online streaming platform may also play a role in increasing viewership, a large number of different streaming platforms have already been approved to broadcast the game, and others may appear closer to the live date as well, providing an opportunity for those without a TV or typical cable connection to view the game.