The Dilemma of the City United Turn-Around

Recent Spark

The rivalry between the two derbies has arguably never been an all-time interesting than in recent days, with Red Devils boasting of the all-time records of 13 out of the 26 seasons Premier League as against the recent 3 out of 5 trophies chalk by the Etihad.


Manchester City in recent times is arguably unmatched in terms of achieving results in respect to domestic trophies and dominating their next door rivals, that which is important to keep fans motivated as far as football is concerned. That said, the legendary all time domineering achievements of Manchester United with the purest concentration during the management of famer Sir Alex Ferguson, cannot be grossed over simply because their City rivals are currently the reigning champions after securing themselves a spectacular 100 points margin last season under the guidance of Pep Guardiola.

The Turn Around

To better appreciate the interesting evolutionary debacle between these two rivals, it would very much awe you as this interactive write-up takes you through the intricacies of player management, coach and technical team coming and leaving the stage, the role of budgetary spending and consistencies of the winning moments that have come to redefine the derbies.

The turnaround of the City United debacle began to take shape when City received a boost of massive financial injections to win the budgetary battle between the two in 2008 when the Abu Dhabi giant came into the picture. That season during the transfer period, City smashed the British Transfer record to sign Robinho for 32.5 million pounds.

Over the Premier League era, the City side have since spent over 300 million pounds more than their United counterparts and have out-spent them in 7 out of the last 10 seasons. City, having the dynamic Pep on board spent a record outlier budget in his first 2 seasons in what has been infamously referred to as the great overhaul for City.

Off the pitch, nostalgic moments have seen these iconic teams being spectacular in their own unique ways to their fan base. While United seems to have enjoyed the scenery most during the Ferguson era, City has not fared bad especially post the Abu Dhabi takeover that saw the signing of Carlos Teves from United to the Etihad which generated so much controversies amidst the Welcome to Manchester advertising board being erected at the city centre of Manchester.


While the Red Devils may have looked down on their noisy and small neighbour club with small mentality in the words of Ferguson in the late 2000s, the decade has witnessed the sharp evolution today to the favour of City in no certain terms. This is well captured by the Goal`s Manchester United correspondent Duncker that “City aren`t going to start a downward spiral any time soon`.

If it is going to be about Manchester United, then it is certainly not going to be an overnight fix simply because the race to the top is keenly competitive for all the contenders than never before. For now, the odds have shifted to the side of City as they have been dominant in terms of trophies in the last decade and presently.