Sports betting or Casino gambling?

Online gambling has become one of the most popular of all internet activities and, although there are a number of different types of internet gambling, there are two which stand out as amongst the biggest and most well-known: sports and casino betting. Websites such as offer the full range of casino games found in land-based ones – including poker, blackjack and slots games.

And there are of course sites offering sports betting, which is an equally huge industry; but which of these is the better type of online gambling and do they appeal to the same people?

In reality it is impossible to say that either casino or sports betting is better than the other one, as both offer much to gambling enthusiasts, and they probably appeal primarily to different people. There is a tendency to think of all gambling – and gamblers – as homogenous, but casino and sports betting are two very different things.

Most of those who participate regularly in sports betting, such as horse racing and gambling on football, are likely to be those who have an enthusiasm for these sports because it will be difficult for those with no interest in sports to bet successfully on them. It is important to have some idea about the form of horses, jockeys, teams or individual players as well as knowledge of any other factors – such as injuries to key personnel – that can affect results. Those who are fans or pay attention to the sports pages will be more likely to have this kind of knowledge.

By the same token, many forms of casino gambling also require a level of knowledge and expertise that will make them daunting to casual players; such as poker for instance. Playing a game such as this with any hopes of success requires the player to understand the game, have the patience to play over long periods and be able to read other players while not giving him or herself away. Again this makes it a game which will be most popular with people who have a serious interest in it rather than casual gamblers .