Sports betting has a stigma around it, which is now slowly fading. Gambling, betting, and other such activities were usually frowned upon, but today sports betting has been legalised in many places worldwide. Fantasy sports betting apps for horse-race betting, NBA betting, Test cricket betting, Race betting, etc., have now taken over the android and iOS markets. Many people are indulging in betting and gambling.


Betting on one match is the most popular sports bet placed. The odds are good as the bet is on just one outcome; which team will win? Here is an explanation of match betting, taking National Basketball Association or NBA betting as an example.


When betting on matches, it is on the entire team rather than just a player.

Quarter Markets

The quarter markets for NBA matches refer to the four quarters of the game. Each quarter lasts for twelve minutes, and there are four quarters in a game. The actual gameplay lasts for 48 minutes, and there is a fifteen-minute break between the second and third quarters. The end of the second quarter is half-time. So when a person bets on quarter markets, he/she is betting on the outcome of the quarter. When the quarter time buzzes, the players stop playing, and the match points are tallied for that quarter. Betting on this is done in many ways. People can bet on whether the match points will be odd or even; they can even be specific on whether the home team or the away team will have an odd or an even total of points. They can also bet on who will make the first basket in the first quarter.

Wire-to-wire bets

A wire-to-wire bet is that the same team will lead in every quarter and eventually the match. Betting apps provide the odds for that as well. People can also make a double result bet, where the bet is placed on one team leading at half-time and winning; that is, the team will lead both halves of the game.

Win Markets

A winning market is a simple bet placed on who will win the match. This win could be at the end of a quarter, or half-time, or the entire game.

Handicap Markets

A handicap market in sports betting makes it more interesting. At the start of the match, bookmakers decide the favourite and underdog. The favourite team has the most chances to win based on their track record and player abilities. The underdog is either a new entry or a team at some disadvantage. To make betting on such a match interesting handicap points are determined. For example, a handicap point of 1 means the underdog team has a one-point head start. So if the match ends with a tie, then the people betting on the favourite team lose their bet as they are one point short. If the underdog team wins, then the people betting on them win the wager and vice versa.

Margin Markets

These markets are probably the most thrilling to bet. The bet is on the margin of points the team will win on; this can be for the entire game or each quarter. There are many margin markets,

Big Win and Little Win

A bookmaker sets a margin of winning points, and people can bet on either a big win or a little win. For example, if the winning margin is one or two points, it is a little win; when the margin is over eleven points, that is a big win.

Tri-bet Markets

This market offers three betting options. The margin is usually eight points, and people can bet on either the favourite or underdog, leading by eight or more points at the end of the game. The other option is that either team leads by seven points or less.