Manchester City vs Swansea City betting odds

Round nine of the English Premier League is set to start again this weekend so all football fans can start placing their bets right away. Among collections of interesting games, the clash between Manchester City against Swansea City on Saturday, October 27 at Etihad stadium, would be one of those attracting fans enthusiasm.

Playing at home and equipped with better quality players, Manchester City are highly favorites to grab all three points on Saturday match. However, their potential fatigued condition after experiencing midweek Champions League tie could be taken as an advantage by Michael Laurdup’s men to pull off an unlikely shock for the home team. Those situation are the ingredients that could spice up the game and provide a wonderful spectacle for all football fans. More tips on Manchester City or Swansea City bets can be found at TitanBet.

Although Manchester City are looking as favorites on paper but it is still advisable to check out some of the available odds to give a clear view on the situation of both teams before placing your bets. Currently, the odds are highly favoring Roberto Mancini’s men to snatch all three points with probabilities being set at 1.20, while a win for the visitor only being placed at 13.00. The home team are also being touted to grab a 2-0 victory with the odds for that scoreline are are at 7.00. As for the visitor, the most possible winning scoreline for them is 1-2 with the odds being set at 41.00.

Man City also received high probabilities in scoring the first goal with the odds are set at 1.22, meanwhile Swansea’s chance to take the first blow are being set at 4.33. Those current odds clearly indicating that placing your bets on the home team is the most likeliest option, but should your prefer another route than going for a draw might be also be a solution. The most possible scoreline should the match ended in a draw is 1-1, with the odds for it are being set at 13.00. So whatever your choices is, make sure its something you select after thinking over all of the possibilities being offered.