Liverpool Looking to Secure Champions League Spot Against Brighton

The Premier League is set to play its final fixtures this weekend and although almost everything is concluded, there’s still some teams that are keen on securing their targets.

Liverpool, is one of that sides which many people will be keen on watching as they face up against Brighton and Hove Albion this weekend, including betting lovers, who have placed their money either using free bet, bonus offer or any other options.

Only two points ahead of their closest rival Chelsea, The Reds will be needing at least a point to secure that final Champions League place or Antonio Conte’s men can still snatch it in the end.

Although Jurgen Klopp’s men do have the upper hand since nothing will change should they win, but with Tottenham Hotspur already grabbing the other final top four spot, there’s not many room for mistakes.

On paper, it should not be an issue for Liverpool to overcome Brighton this weekend, but they’re recent run of results in the league have shown their difficulties in getting result.

Having Champions League final on their mind certainly will give that disturbance in concentration especially with Klopp looking not to lose more important players before their game against Real Madrid.

Injuries to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Joe Gomez, who both won’t be available for that upcoming tie against Los Blancos, already served some lesson for the tactician in making a careful choice.

Those situation certainly provides some uncertainties which potentially triggers an interesting final day for English Premier League, especially for fans of Liverpool or Chelsea.

The Reds’ enthusiasts certainly hope they can have everyone healthy and fit for their upcoming final match against Real Madrid, but not being able to secure Champions League spot before that game can give an extra distraction and burden.

Knowing that they will be playing against Los Blancos not only to win a trophy, but extending their participation in Champions League next summer might put another pressure for Liverpool players.

That’s why, Klopp must come up with the right game plan and motivation to encourage his players in grabbing maximum points, or at least a draw on that weekend match up.

Getting that precious point might look rather easy for the Reds, but they’re recent form have showed how distracted they have been, which could be taken into some advantage by Brighton.

The bookies certainly favoring Liverpool to win with 1/6 odds, but despite having that 16/1 probabilities, shocking things can still happen in the final day of a season.