Juventus’ Champions League Pedigree Rise After Ronaldo’s Signing

Juventus’ success in signing Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid this summer didn’t just increase their marketing value, but also pedigree in the eyes of many football enthusiasts and also sports bookies.

Gathering information from several trustworthy online betting sites, many pretty much put Juventus joint second as favorites to potentially win next season’s UEFA Champions League.

Bookies are valuing The Turin giant’s chance of winning the major club tournament this upcoming summer at 7.50, which are just behind both Barcelona along with Manchester City which are placed at 6.50.

Those number for Juventus itself also similar to the likes of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, while slightly higher compared to France Ligue 1’s mega rich outfit, Paris Saint-Germain.

Although it’s prediction basing of current situation, this odds pretty much shows how influential CR7’s presence itself in changing the mindset of how football fans are now seeing the Old Lady in a slightly different view.

Already being considered as one of the top teams in Europe, but their failure in getting it done in UCL despite being able to reach the final twice in the last five years, always brings doubt for football fans regarding Juve’s pedigree in the competition.

However, this summer their success in acquiring Ronaldo from Madrid for 105 million euro have elevated them, though for now the factual result can only be seen on their marketing department.

Still, the Italian club’s success in pursuing one of the top players in world football, puts them now somewhat climbing up that ladder of Europe elite teams.

Having to potentially splash out significant amount of money to pay for the Portuguese international wages and other stuff, Juve doesn’t seem concern as they believe their financial stability can keep things afloat.

It will be interesting to see in the long run, how will the financial aspect affecting Bianconeri, considering it remain difficult for Italian Serie  A teams to pull off that type of contract for a long term, since the league itself still need to provide the kind of money Premier Leaguge can provide.

Signing a Champions League ‘specialist’ it seems that the Turin giant are very keen on finally getting their hands of that trophy after several failed attempts in recent season.

CR7 himself has proved himself as a consistent goal scorer in Champions League and also have tons of experience in winning the tournament, something that he has achieved consistently in the last three years.

Nevertheless, it remain interesting to see how big is Ronaldo can still make in his current age, plus playing with somewhat new environment and teammates, after spending nine years at Madrid.