Ilkay Gündogan “I can see myself coaching”

German international Ilkay Gündogan believes there is a role in coaching when he retires from playing. The Manchester City midfielder talked with the Turkish football channel, Futbolarena, about his time during the quarantine phase of the Covid-19 crisis as well as his move to Manchester City, his time in the Premier League and his plans for the future. 

It is uncertain whether the 29-year-old will be active as a football player in the Turkish Super Lig. However, he comments on how he could imagine himself in a coaching job.

In addition to the individual training program prepared by his club, the midfielder spent a lot of time playing video games. 

“Life stood still for everyone. Of course, I completed the individual training program at home. The rest of the time I spent most of the time videoconferencing to see my family or playing on the console.” 

“My favourite games are of course FIFA and PES. In between, I played Grand Theft Auto with friends. In the end, I played more and more football manager on the PC. A few days ago I started a new career with a team from the 3rd Bundesliga. It is interesting to lead a team from the lower leagues to the Bundesliga.” 

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During the break, Manchester City and German teammates Leroy Sané and Gündogan shared the gym in the building they lived in with the football club providing the fitness equipment. 

The midfielder comments “the club sent us the necessary equipment for us to complete our programme.” Gündogan explained how the gym in their building was only open to the two football stars, and since Leroy likes to sleep longer in the morning, Gündogan did his training during that time.

“The first training sessions back are still difficult, especially after such a long period of time off, but in my opinion that’s normal. When I was a child there was a maximum of six weeks off during the holidays.”

The Man City midfielder commented how during the time away, he missed his team mates. Explaining the new training process, Gündogan described how the beginning was worked in smaller groups, with no contact, and a maximum of five players and they focussed on passing and fitness exercises, without playing any warm up games. 

They eventually did a training game, which consisted of two, thirty-minute halves within the stadium. Gündogan commented that since the games are taking place without spectators, it was a good test for the team to adapt to. 

Gündogan sees the remaining Premier League games as preparation for the important encounters in the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League… 

Gündogan fairly said that “In the Premier League everyone starts under the same conditions. Everyone has had a two-month break. I don’t think any team has an advantage. We have to finish the league in the best way possible.”