How to Become a Master of Football Betting

Having a little bet on the football is a hugely popular pastime, especially since the advent of smartphones and live betting, which have enabled us to bet whenever and wherever we want – including when we’re watching a match in real-time, either on TV or at a stadium.
But are there any strategies you can implement to make your football betting more profitable? Or at least turn a few of the losses into winners?
Below, we’ll look at three key principles you need to adopt as part of your football betting strategy if you want to be more successful.

1) Find Your Niche and Do Your Research

As with all sports betting, the biggest advantage you can give yourself is by doing your research. The more you know, the better informed your bets will be, and therefore the more likely they are to be successful.
If you’re betting on things you have no idea about, you may as well be having a spin on roulette. So, take control, figure out your biggest areas of knowledge – whether that be a sport, league or team – and focus your bets on these areas.
If you love League One football and follow all the latest news, you’d be much better served to bet on this rather than the Chilean Second Division, for example. Indeed, websites such as Soccerway are packed full of football stats, from performance data, to home and away form and even head-to-head data – all of which is great for creating an all-round picture of what is going on a club.
What’s more, doing your research is without the biggest advantage you can give yourself in sports betting – and, in itself, the greatest benefit of sports betting is the amount of control you have over your fate.

2) Bet on Less for More Wins

One of the biggest traps people who bet on football fall into is that they place too many bets, with too many variables.
A 10-fold acca may well land you with a massive prize – but not without reason: there are so many variables, that the bookies are well aware that some unpredictable outcomes will occur. If you prefer to win often, you’re better focussing your efforts into singles, doubles or, at most, trebles.
The best tactic for sports betting and beating a betting company is doing your research, and then looking for good value bets that fit in with what you know.
For example, a team might be bottom of the league, but barely conceded a goal at home all season. So rather than taking them on face value of being rubbish because their bottom, use your knowledge to find a bet that fits into their home form pattern – you might just find some great value.
Alternatively, maybe a team is near the bottom of the league, but that year is a very tight season and just three points separate bottom from mid-table. Most football fans will take their league position on face value, rather than look into the detail. And this is exactly how bookmakers make most of their money: from people betting “blindly”.

3) Stay in Control and Don’t Chase Losses

Undoubtedly though, the number one thing you must avoid at all costs when placing sports bets, is chasing your losses. This behaviour is typical of those with gambling addictions and should be avoided at all costs. Just because you’ve lost a few bets, doesn’t mean you’re “due” a winner.
Never, ever bet more than you’re willing to lose. If you feel uncomfortable with how much money you’ve lost in a bet, you are betting too much and should stop – or at least reduce your stakes until you aren’t left with a sinking feeling after losing a bet.
What’s more, while we’ve discussed some ways in which you can improve your football betting record in this article, you shouldn’t view gambling as a form of making money. Instead, it should be a pleasurable pursuit and a form of entertainment for you – regardless of whether you win or lose (although we obviously all enjoy winning more!)
So, follow these three tips for football betting success, and even if you don’t win, you’ll never really lose when you’re having a good time.