Hot Teams To Look Out for in the 2021/ 2022 Premier League Football Season

The hugely anticipated 2021/2022 football season is right around the corner. It’s the official return of club football as we know it, with actual fans in the stands. The wait has been too long.

To appropriate a famous quote, “With great football, come greater betting chances.” The recently finished EURO 2020 brought many surprises, and you can be sure that the new PL season will be even more unpredictable. It’s 38 gruelling weeks of great matches, heroic wins, upsets, and creating memories – both off and on the pitch.

So, what teams should you bank on for the upcoming season? Let’s take a look at some of the potential favourites. Before we do, though, remember that nothing is a certainty in life or football. Be prepared to lose and have your assets secure when gambling. Watch out where you entrust your hard-earned money, and don’t bet more than you can afford.

Top 5 Premier Teams To Bet On In The Coming Season

Full disclaimer, this is no guarantee that betting on any of these teams will yield positive results. It’s football, and anything can happen. Nevertheless, who dares – wins, so here are some of our favourites to help you get started.

  1. Manchester City

Incumbent champions Manchester City will be looking to add another PL trophy to their cabinet this season. Having been unable to defend their 2019 trophy, thanks to Liverpool breaking their title drought in 2020, City will now hope to win their fourth Premier League trophy in the past five years.

Granted, it looks like they have their work cut out for them come August 2021, with fixtures against Tottenham, Norwich and Arsenal in their first three league matches.  Pep Guardiola’s “Citizens” need to establish the dominance they have exhibited for large chunks of the last decade if they hope to start their title bid convincingly. In fact, the schedule doesn’t really ease up until October, when they face Burnley. That being said, the winning roster has already proven its worth, and a few rumoured signings on the horizon will only make City stronger.

  1. Liverpool

The previous season may have been one of complete horror for The Kop, but they have proven that if anyone can accomplish the impossible, they can.

Things are looking good for them, too, with star defenders Virgil Van Dijk, Joel Matip and Joe Gomez all set to return to full duty. Add the rather swift recovery of Trent Alexander Arnold, and it looks like the team’s injury woes are finally behind them. Ibrahima Konate signing for the Reds is also a huge boost for the team.

Fixture-wise, they are in a better spot than City, facing Norwich, Burnley, Chelsea, Leeds and Crystal Palace in their first five matches. Such a schedule bodes quite well for both bet slips and Fantasy Premier League if you’re into that.

Hot tip: The goal market looks good with Liverpool, as their fixtures have traditionally been goal fests in the past.

  1. Brighton

The Seagulls seem like an unlikely choice, considering their usual placement in the league every year. However, Brighton is one rugged squad capable of surprises, and their first couple of fixtures feature Burnley and Watford. Depending on your aversion for risks, and your bookie, you might be better placed with 10 to 15-minute draws. If you’re feeling adventurous, try something much more direct. Either way, Brighton have a less topsy turvy start to the league than most others. You might want to capitalise on that.

  1. Aston Villa

Last season’s breakout team stole the show with some rather impressive wins against the top teams in the league. With a star-studded lineup that would still shine even if Jack Grealish were to make his move to City, Villa could be an early favourite to start strong, especially considering the relatively easy start to their PL campaign. Add to that Copa América winner Emiliano Martinez playing the game of his life, and Villa will be tough to crack on both sides of the pitch.

  1. West Ham

The Hammers ended last season with rousing performances against West Brom and S’oton. That said, they look to have an excellent start to the season, quietly opening the season against Newcastle. Fixtures like those tend to offer attractive games with plenty of goals, and you’re sure to find something to stake on and receive great returns. Following a tough game against Leicester game, they will take on Crystal Palace and Southampton. It’s not the best lineup their fans could imagine, but it sure beats squaring off against one of the Manchester twins, Liverpool or Tottenham.

And there you have it, dear readers – some of our favourites for making a buck in the early stages of the new Premier League season. Just remember: keep safe and bet responsibly!

by Daniel Korolija
Content writer for