Gambling Addiction

Important Information About Gambling Problem

Gambling addiction is not a new concept for many. This guide seeks to make you more knowledgeable about the whole menace:

Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is an impulse control disorder where you cannot avoid gambling even when it is disastrous to you and those around you. As an addict, your betting is not determined by logic or analysis. Whether the odds are stack against you or you are broke, nothing can stop you from placing your bets.

It is possible to get addicted to any gambling game, sports casino, online betting sites, or roulettes. Understand everything that comes with real and live betting. Only proceed when sure you can handle it.

Gambling addiction manifests in different ways like;

  • Compulsive gambling – When you have to bet at all costs, even if you can’t afford or will lose the bet.

  • Problem gambling – Not as strenuous as compulsive, even though you still don’t have your betting activities under control.

  • Binge gambling – intensive gambling addiction at specific times. As much as you might appear to have it under control, some days it spills out.

Signs of Gambling Problem

  • People who suffer from gambling problems tend to start lying and hiding from family members, friends, and others around them.

  • People who keep on chasing losses are likely to have gambling problems. They keep on spending more money, hoping they will recap lost cash. Only to end up losing, even more, ending up in debts.

  • Gambling problems leads to a lot of borrowing to finance the addiction.

  • Just like alcohol and drug abuse, betting addiction comes with a rush. No matter how much an addict loses, they will still find a way to bet.

  • Most addicted gamblers are unable to stop, no matter how much they want to. If they try to quit, they can also suffer from withdrawal effects. They gamble out of need.

  • Ultimately, gambling to addicts becomes the most important thing. It might end up destroying their social, financial and professional life.

How to Treat Gambling Problem

  1. Admit

Like other addictions, the first step towards treating gambling problem is by admitting. Failing to acknowledge the existence of the problem, then no kind of medication can work for you.

  1. Get Support

It would help if you had support in the form of family and friends to help through recovery. Also, consider contacting support groups like NHS for peer support.

  1. Find a Replacement for the Gambling

Find a positive activity or hobby to replace gambling. Consider jogging, fly fishing, rock climbing, among other hobbies.

  1. Avoid Temptations

Keep away from anything that might lead to gambling. Avoid visiting the casinos, race tracks or the online betting sites. Also, avoid the company of friends that leads to gambling.

  1. Seek Professional Help

Gambling addiction can mean several underlying health issues. Visit a professional for treatment and medications.


In as much as gambling can be a problem if not done in moderation, most people have benefitted from the industry. Modern bookmakers such as 22bet have come up with many exciting bet types that one can utilize, offer flexibility since you don’t have to go to the casinos as this can be done online as well as multiple types of bonuses.

There is always two sides to a story, the positive and the negative. If done in moderation, one can reap the rewards from betting.