Football Betting with a Difference

Sports betting in general, and football betting in particular, has been one of the big success stories of the last few years.

In fact, many football fans just wouldn’t feel the same way about watching a match without some money riding on the outcome, or on one of the many other in-play betting options.

But there are quite a few other ways to try to win on the beautiful game which might well be worth giving a go.


The “You’re getting sacked in the morning” bet

It’s tough at the top, and for many managers, this proves to be the case long before their contract expires. So even the ones with the best track records can be unceremoniously removed from their posts following a series of poor results. Of course, the chairman and the rest of the board will swear that the manager has their full backing. But, like many things in life, reality can actually be quite different. So, if you’ve a sixth sense about who may be next to be asked to vacate the dugout with immediate effect, this could be a good bet for you.

The “Let’s give it a spin” bet

While there are many opportunities for the more conventional forms of betting on football at Space Casino there are a couple of more unusual ones, too, in the form of online slots. The first is called Football: Champions Cup. The action takes place in a (virtual) packed stadium complete with cheering fans and you can even choose which Euro nation you want to feature. The second video slot is the enticingly titled Bicicleta and the video tech means that players on the spinning reels are animated so when they put a bicycle kick, or “Bicicleta”, past the keeper it triggers some big winning features.

The “On the move” bet

Every summer and in the January transfer window there’s always a great deal of speculation about which players are set to move clubs. Sometimes it’s based in fact, at other times, it’s pure speculation. But having some money on whether, for example, Gabriel Jesus might make the move to Juventus or even which club Lionel Messi may be moving to next, it can create a little interest for you, especially in the closed season when there’s no actual football to enjoy.

The “Long-range shot” bet

Last, but not least, there’s the chance to take a real 40-yard punt to predict winners in seasons to come. Maybe you think that the 2020-21 Premiership will see Manchester United thriving under Solksjaer. Or, looking even further ahead to the 2022 World Cup, it could well be Italy’s tournament. By getting in now you could get some great long-range odds, just like the fans who backed Leicester City back in 2016 and saw their 5,000-1 bets come off.

So now really is the time to start thinking a bit differently about how you bet on football – and we promise it will make following the game even more enjoyable for you.