Everton vs Manchester United betting odds

The football season is well under way and questions are being fired from all directions regarding the best bets to make. Everton are not far away from their clash with Man United, so who and where should you place your bets on?
Trophy betting is the general direction that most punters will take if they want to maximise their chances of winning. Between Everton and Man Utd it seems as though Man Utd are the firm favourites at the moment, probably down to the signing of van Persie.

However, if you are betting on this match specifically then you have a vast range of betting options. Everton played reasonably well during the last season which has meant that the odds of them defeating the Red Devils are increased even further. At this moment in time, the odds that you are looking at are 3/1 for Everton to win, 53/20 for a draw, and 17/20 for Manchester United to come out victorious.

Few specials for Manchester United betting lovers: as it stands at the moment, the chances of Tony Hibbert scoring the first goal for Manchester United are a staggering 66/1, whereas the chances of either Wayne Rooney or van Persie scoring first are equal at 9/2 and Danny Wellbeck is at 6/1. When it comes to the goal scoring method, the chances of a score by a header are high at a promising 4/1, but the chances of it being an own goal are 20/1.