English Premier League 2016-2017 Betting Preview

The English Premier League new season is scheduled to start on August 13 and things and things are already being predicted to be more exiting than ever, mainly because potential top managers battle which will erupt.

Interestingly for football lovers or betting enthusiasts, the bookies already set up their early favorite for potential league winner next season, with Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola topping the list.

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Getting back into the upcoming Premier League season, the arrival of Guardiola with his well known possession football style along with new signings seem to give the odds maker confident over their ability in winning with the probable numbers set in between 3 to 3.25.

Manchester United with their new boss, Jose Mourinho apparently being placed mostly in second spot of potential champion with the odds for them placed at 4.5.

Aside from Mourinho’s appointment, Man United’s swift move in the market, securing Zlatan Ibrahimovic along with Henrikh Mkhitaryan, also triggered their high spot in the probable odds.

Arsenal surprisingly being placed in third place by most bookies, quite similar to Chelsea with their new Italian boss, Antonio Conte. Both teams probable winning shot are most placed at 6.5 to 7.00.

Meanwhile, defending champion, Leicester are currently sitting in eight spot on the betting odds for potential Premier League winner for 2016/2017 season, with the odds for them set at 29.

It’s definitely interesting to check out those early odds, as teams with new coaches are being mostly predicted as winner, without considering potential adaptation time needed for them.

Naturally, the success of Guardiola, Mourinho along with Conte, who were able to win during their first season in previous clubs, brings out that confidence from bookmakers.

Aside from those three top managers, there’s obviously other names such as Arsene Wenger, Claudio Ranieri, Jurgen Klopp along with Tottenham Hotspur’s Mauricio Pochettino who already proved their worth in previous Premier League seasons.

Not only having many top players, the arrivals of top managers have basically trigger a potentially more thrilling and exciting English Premier League season in comparison with the latest one, which say a massive shock with Leicester winning the whole thing.