Champions League 2017 – Managers

After concluding its group stages round, Champions League are set to enter that important knock out stage in early 2017 and things will surely get more interesting especially with some interesting match ups.

The potentially intriguing knock out round should also attracted further attention from fans and even more those betting enthusiasts who are keen to embark on Champions League betting.

Several surprising results in the group stage certainly made the knock out stage looking spicy as some big teams didn’t finish top of their group, which can also trigger some unique situation with the managers of several clubs.

The likes of Unai Emery or even Carlo Ancelotti along with Pep Guardiola have been receiving some criticism recently, especially the former and there’s every possibility that an early Champions League exit could give them further problems.

Another tactician who has also received harsh critics at the moment is Leicester City’s boss, Claudio Ranieri, who actually got his team finishing top of their group.

However, Leicester’s poor league form apparently triggered some fans in asking for Ranieri’s sacking, despite that it is still just half way into the season.

This prove that even managers who are already considered Champions League level quality can’t get themselves easily free from criticism these days.

Just like Ranieri’s case, doing well in European competition is not even enough to calm down every part of the club’s fans as in today’s era there’s strong pressure in having to do well in every competition.

Another name who has been reported to be in the verge of sacking is Emery as despite having impressive rosters at Paris Saint-Germain, they are very inconsistent both in Champions League and local competition.

Moreover, having to face up against Barcelona on their two leg ties can make things even worse for Emery, who was just appointed as PSG boss this summer.

Meanwhile, according to the bookies, currently Barcelona are being considered strong favorite to win the Champions League with the odds around 4.00 to 4.5

Bayern Munich along with defending champion, Real Madrid following up respectively at second and third position with probabilities ranging between 5.00 to 5.5 (for Bayern) and 5.5 to 6.00 (for Madrid).